About us



Redfish was established 20 years ago. Our aim was to promote inspiration and demonstrate creative communication. We took off as an advertising company for the first four years of operation but the love for inspirational and creative work aborted the commercial part of advertising. Redfish deals with all aspects of visual communication, whether typographic or digital.

We have evolved and have been evolving through the years as required by modern times. Having great expectations from our work and at the same time great will for differentiation, hence the work of our clients, we communicate more consistently and efficiently.

We believe in interacting with clients and we encourage strong communication channels with them as well as their participation in the creative part of the job. As a result we become part of their clients' vision, realizing business and its idiosyncrasies as well as the cultural background of the given client. Therefore, as we incorporate all of the above to the final result, we attempt to maintain a balance between creativity and commercial work, communication and strategy...